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The Universe is Constant not extended. Cant Back to Past Even God, God not almighty

The Universe is Constant not extended. Cant Back to Past Even God, God not almighty

1.     Universe is Constant, not keep extended ... par 1
2.     Cant back to past even God, God not Almighty ... par 2

Hello everybody, my name is RDJ or another name is HarMikel. This is my wrote, happy reading.

Universe is Constant not keep extended :
1.     I think the universe is unlimited, so if once time anybody found its limit, so in other side of the limit there will be another space. Although maybe empty, but that empty is the space, keep continued like this until unlimited. So it can be said, its just star and galaxy which moving more far each other, but the black matters still same unlimited, just like limit in upper word. So which is still constant and not enxtended is the black matters, which still constant is the unlimited. So its dont need to keep extended, the universe has been unlimited, because in other side of the limit surely still have another space.

We cant back to past even God, God not almighty :
2.     Along with the time, anything has changed. No more place for us to find situation which is exactly same like on past.
If any said, how about parallel world trough blackhole. My answer, if parallel world exist. Example, somebody named Bima live in 1950. In 1959 he start learn parallel world and in 1960, he found parallel world and he get in it. There, he meet another Bima in another world in parallel world which time on that other world is 1940. Then they meet each other and have conversation about parallel world. That still is the future for Bima from precede world because in his past he never have conversation like that  and early learn parallel world in 1959, in his past there is no two Bima who exactly same who converst to each other. That is still his future because the primary time still move normal. If that is his past, its must be not have conversation in parallel world with other same Bima, but still in early world, and he back to young, his memory is back to young (his memory in older age is dissapear), and his skill is same as when young, and live the life as first moment like in his past time. I explain it with them have conversation as explaining the difference between parallel world which has been used and which is not. If parallel world never founded, its can be not exist. So which is can be found by history is, there are two Bima who met in parallel world in 1960, not like in past where two Bima still separated.
Even god, He cant go back to past. Example if God destroy whole universe then build it again which exactly same with the past. My answer, that is just the future which exactly same with the future, primary time still move normal. Or example, God move all of us backward like ‘repeat’ on video. My answer, that is just our future which move backward, the primary time still move normal. ( maybe on that video we move backward one hour, but wall clock still move normally one hour, or god’s primary time still go forward). So god is not almighty because cant repeat the primary time.
If any said, how about time machine with speed quickly than light. My answer, with that we just pass the light, the primary time still move normal.
It can be said, history note will still get older as same as the primary time, to those who knows it. This is which cant be beaten by God.

Note and Source :
With this God’s personality which i can refute is, source the personality and its meaning : Quantum Asmaul Husna by Rachmat Ramadhana Al-banjari (sorry, its in Indonesian)
1.     Al-malik (most owner). The king or owner, absolute owner of whole universe, real and spiritual. Willing > surely happen, not willing > not ever happen.
2.     Al-jabbar. Most forcing
3.     Al-qadir (most owner). Most able to do everything he want and cant be beaten.
4.     Al-muqtadir (most controlling of choosing). Have mighty by wholy without limit. Most controling all thing as his will.

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