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Most Critic, The Only God, Allknow, Most first, most end, etc

Most Critic, The Only God, Allknow, Most first, most end, etc

1.     God  depends on his ability as same as creatures ... par 1
2.     God no the only god because learning process ... par 2
3.     Something has same as god and god not most first and most end because primary period ... par 3
4.     God not Allknow and the only god can be doubted because universe is unlimited ... par 4
5.     God not the only god because space ... par 5

Im is RDJ or HarMikel, another posting again, happy reading.

1.     God depending on his ability like the creatures
What happen if god missing all his ability? Then god cant do anything, including he will dead because missing his ability to live.
2.     God not just one because learning procces
Where does  god ability come from? For gain ability is just two way, with learning procces or direct way:

If found any process so that must be learning process, if direct so its direct way. (dont think you right if you cant find another way).

Both contain risk :
If with learning procces, where things which will be learning by god come from meanwhile god still will learning. No way god create things which will be learned by god meanwhile he still will learning that things. so it must be another power, so god not just one.
If with free way and without procces, so he just lucky and he just gifted, because if just lucky so there are another power who made him lucky, because all of that ability has exist before god receive it. Like heartbeat which without learning procces, so then just gifted. Who made god very lucky must be not god himself because he just lucky, so just gifted. Mean there are another power, god not just one.
3.     Something has a same as god and god not most first and not most end, because primary period.
If all living start at year 1, but before that? Before that must be any named ‘primary period when not yet any living’, continue backward untill unlimited.
If all living gone at year 5000, but after that? After that must be any named ‘primary period when all living has been gone’, continue forward untill unlimited.
Primary period is period when any living and period when no one live. So primary period also not have beginning time and not ended.
4.     God not Allknow and the only god can be doubted because universe is unlimited.
Universe is unlimited, because if founded any limit, on the other side must be another space. Then if any limit again, so on the other side there is another space. Its continued like that untill unlimited. Its like a ball, inside ball is the universe, outside ball is the another space.
So for gain personality which is Allknow (know everything), so the searching will never end, because universe is unlimited. If that god is Allknow, so his searching is ended, and if like that so universe has an end. But universe is unlimited because on another side of limit must be another space. So its impossible god is Allknow.
is god has been searching all places so then he not found creature except his creature and god except him? Must be not yet, because universe is unlimited. The only one god can be doubted.

Do you get the feeling?, in very far away places, which unlimited which we dont know what happen, is it impossible our universe get contact with universe from another god?
5.     God not just one and not most first because space.
All living must be exist after space as place to live, including god. If god exist before space, so where is god? No where? So its mean he not yet exist, because if looking for god, we must looking for his place. Then who create space before god exist, there must be another power. That another power also need space which not been created by himself, continue like this untill unlimited. The only god can be doubted.

Note and Source :
With this God’s personality which i can refute is, source the personality and its meaning : Quantum Asmaul Husna by Rachmat Ramadhana Al-banjari (sorry, its in Indonesian)
1.     Al-Alim (Allknow). Know everything and no one miss from his knowledge.
2.     Al-Wahid (The Only God). Has no partner.
3.     Al-Awwal (most first). Exist before all thing, not passed by everything, not passed and not together by everything.
4.     Al-Akhir (most end). No one after him.
5.     Mukhalafah lil hawadits. Not has a same with creatures.

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